What is Global Warming :
Global Warming is when the earths atmosphere warms up. This can be dangerous in many different ways. Greenhouse gases is what causes global warming. Greenouse gases are made up of water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrus oxide and ozone. Global warming has got so bad, in 100 years the earth's temperature will be 8 degrees hotter.
What can be done to help it?
Global Warming is a big issue and we need to help prevent it. There are several things that can be done about it, simple things like recycling plastic bottles. This helps because at the dump everything get incinerated, if you recycle less things are being incinerated. Therefore there are less gases going into the air. Try not to use a car too much. Persuade your parent or carer that you will walk to school instead of going in the car. This will stop more fumes going in the air.
What can happen?
The ice in the north and south pole melts due to the warm climate. This can cause flooding in different countries on the planet. If this gets extremely bad rivers and lakes can dry up and there would be more droughts making it difficult for crops to grow. Global warming also effects wildlife. When the ice melts animals can be stranded on a chunk of ice. This can also cause hurricanes. They are caused by cold air and hot air. The hot air rises and the cold falls. They both move about all the time and it causes hurricanes.